7 Days To Get Immediate Relief From
Stress, Burn Out & Anxiety

The Fast & Natural Way

herbs for anxiety, herbs for depression

…the immediate all natural relief and treatment kit for those who want to get rid of panic, anxiousness & lows fast

overcome sleep issues, regain energy & calm their mind immediately  ...


natural treatment for anxiety, natural treatment for depression

The 7 Day EMERGENCY RELIEF KIT gives you Step By Step All Natural Treatment for those who want  to recover their sleep, calm the panic, be rid of the emotional roller coaster and be free of anxiety & burnout symptoms starting in 7 days with 24/7 support.

This 7 day Retreat At Home is powerful - using our famous Alive Herbal Remedy Kit, Alive Menu Plan, Sleep & Energy Boosters, Self Calming Practices & More. After 7 days you will be radically calmer, more energised and feeling like your old self again.

100% proven to work - just follow the guide step by step.

What's Inside The Kit

herbs for anxiety, herbs for depression, supplements for anxiety, supplements for depression

The Natural Medicine Kit

My natural relief kit with the only herbs, supplements & remedies that you need to get your symptoms under control and start healing the issue at the source.

Buy online and we will deliver to your door in a few days.
*Medicines are at an extra cost

how to get rid of panic, how to stop overthinking

Calm Your Mind In Minutes

My audio guide helps you be rid of overthinking, fearful thoughts and overwhelming emotion in just a few minutes. Step by step I help you get calm fast and get back to living in the moment without fear or panic. Simply plug and play when you need it the most & immediately change your state, stop panic and get back to living.

anxiety sleep help, breathing exercises for anxiety, meditation for anxiety

Sleep Rest & Relaxation Guide

My daily steps show you exactly how to get to sleep, take short moments of relaxation and calm, access deep states of relaxation daily to reset your nervous system and hack your brain to be rid of anxiety, lows and panic.

Simply follow the daily routine with audio and video steps to get back to being the calmest version of you.

gut brain connection, gut health anxiety, gut health depression, menu plan

Food For Mood & Energy

What goes into your mouth truly matters. To start curing the issue for good and getting your energy back - we must eat for vitality. I show you over 7 days exactly what to eat and drink so you wake up refreshed and energised, heal your gut and notice your moods transform as you start to feel genuine happiness, clarity and energy return.

natural anxiety treatment, natural depression treatment

7 Day Life Reset & Retreat At Home

Over just 7 days you will reset your life. Everyday I will support you to power up, power down, restore relaxation rest and calm and give your body exactly what it needs to start curing the issue at the source for good. You will get to the core of what is driving your anxiety and depression with my helpful video guides and enjoy a week of transformation.

online anxiety help, online depression help

24/7 Support In One Easy App

Not sure if you can do it? You absolutely can because we will have your back 24/7. Everyday step by step we will deliver an easy to follow guide which you access in an easy to use  app. Need support - just message us or book in for a 1:1 help session.

When I first reached out to Heidi for help I had a wedding coming in 2 weeks and I was so burnt out from work and anxious I couldn't leave my house or even get out of bed. My GP had diagnosed me with depression though Heidi quickly pointed out the diagnosis and medication I was taking (which was making me feel worse) was completely incorrect.


Heidi guaranteed she could help and she wasn't wrong! My anxiety was at a 10/10 when we first spoke and within a few days of following her guide and taking the remedies my anxiety went down to a 4.

I did the guide and followed the kit step by step - exactly as it says - I was desperate! Though I wasn't completely sure it was possible, I put my trust in her.

Within a week I was back at work, planning our honeymoon and exercising.

I turned up for my wedding confident and had no anxiety!

This kit works! Do exactly as Heidi says and you won't look back. 

Jamie, 30, Crypto Entrepreneur

Imagine in 7 Days The Difference You Will Feel...

The Power In This Kit Is - We Get Your Symptoms Under Control So You Can Get Your Life Back Fast

Full of proven natural remedies + daily tools that have worked 100% for thousands of others that will breathe life into your soul and get you back in control, healing from anxiety & depression.


  • Get the exact herbs, supplements and remedies to start taking today

(we get the relief you are seeking through natural treatment that truly works - we will post the kit to you asap)

  • Get rid of your symptoms (panic, fatigue, anxiousness & lows)

(you simply won't feel those sensations of panic, the pit in your stomach or the exhaustion anymore)

  • Know how to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed
    (with so much ease you will be shocked)

  • Get back your energy
    (know what to eat and drink to have the energy you want)


  • Get you back in control of your mind & remove the unhelpful thoughts
    (instead of overthinking and fear ruling you all day long)


  • De stress when overwhelmed
    (simply use the audio guides to help you find calm)


  • Give you the 24/7 confidential support and motivation you need
    (without having anyone else know what you are up to)


  • Do it all at once and heal for good
    (without having to figure it out on your own!)

Maybe you've tried and failed?

(and why my clients are healing naturally and fast)

Maybe You've Tried...

treat anxiety naturally, treat depression naturally,

Bandaids & Labels & Guesswork

(and it made you feel worse)

anxiety therapy online, depression therapy online

Telling Your Story Over & Over

(and it uninspired you)

self help anxiety, self help depression

Self Help & Research & Potions

(and it exhausted you)

Are you are insanely curious as to what life could really be like in just 7 days?

(and also know you need help right now and can't do it alone?)

heidi shannon mental health coach, holistic counsellor

Hi There!


I'm sure you have a few questions about how this kit works yes? And whether it's right for you?


I've facilitated more than 400 mental health retreats and worked for more than 15 000 hours face to face with those wanting to urgently recover from anxiety and depression.... not to mention I used to be you.


After countless years of study, integration, trial and error there is one thing I know - you have to get immediate relief if you want to cure anxiety and depression for good.


My journey started when I found natural remedies that actually worked (which I give you inside this kit) and then I was able to see with clarity for the first time through calm eyes what needed to be healed and changed in my life - until then all else was impossible.


You don't need more talk or another unhelpful diagnosis - you need relief so you can eat, sleep, function and then we can cure it for good.

There are a few things I want you to understand right now.

Anyone can do it.

I've worked with those who are truly at the end of their rope. About to give up completely. They do the first 7 days step by step and everything can change so very quickly when you have ALL of the right tools and support in one place.

Tools Not More Talk.

You need easy to access tools and remedies that actually work - not more talk and more unhelpful diagnosis. We don't just talk WE DO. You will be guided step by step for how to put every tool into action and you will feel radically different fast.

You Get Answers + Relief

You will have so many light bulb moments about the cause of your anxiety and depression and also understand the power of healing physically, mentally, emotionally and changing your life to support you for the first time ever. From now on you come first. You don't just get a relief kit - you get to the bottom of what is truly driving the issue for good.

It's Step By Step. It's Plug & Play.

Everything you need is very easily accessible and it's all delivered step by step. You no longer have to worry excessively about how to help yourself - you just follow the easy steps every day. The program works if you work it.

It 1000% Works & 100% Natural

I know you are skeptical. I know you've tried many things. The power in this program is that the right tools are in the right order, tested, proven and every aspect of the issue is healed. 


I can hear you saying...

'I'm so tired and exhausted'


'I can't do this anymore'


'Why is this happening to me?'


…you know you want change, you know you want the old you back, you know that you deserve more, you know that your life was not meant to be this way and you still have some niggling questions:


How do I feel good and like my old self again?


How do I get the calm I really need right now?


How will I deal with my stress... and my life... and my relationships?

How do I get answers? How do I get my energy back?

Does no one understand????


The thing is - I've been in your shoes which is exactly why I've created this first 7 day turnaround kit to get you back on track....


So how can you turn this around in the next  7 days?


Instead of looking in the mirror at your tired face and saying hurtful things to yourself - imagine when you wake up with energy and you are loving everyday... and all your symptoms of anxiety and depression are gone?


What would that mean for your job, your friends, your family?


What would it mean for you to be back to your real self?


What would it mean if you could feel truly connected to yourself, your confidence was through the roof and you were rocking the new you in a body that you love?


Imagine just for a second… that you actually liked … no wait… loved yourself again and you could easily cope with life no matter what showed up?


In fact… what if you could begin to eradicate stress, anxiety & depression for good by just following a truly inspiring proven process with  the exact steps and tools?

My immediate relief kit gets you back on track this week. This relief kit is the first giant step you will take towards long lasting change. You have nothing to lose. And if you love it I will have your back for the next 30 days to do my FULL program which doesn't just give you relief, it completely changes your life.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside....

Heidi Shannon

Hi I'm Heidi Shannon
Let's Heal Your Mental Health Together!

I am a 42 year old single mum, transformational coach and holistic therapist and one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.

As a global leader in the mental health space helping thousands heal naturally with my empowering unique process and infectious drive, I have helped so many transform their minds, radically improve their health, reconnect with themselves and fall in love with life.

I used to be where you are right now so I fully understand how it feels to be in your shoes.

It has been my life's work to passionately transform the mental health industry... to shout from the roof tops that the mental health system is broken. I am here with my passion and inspiration to remind you who you truly are and to help you live the life you want free of anxiety and depression - just like I did. 

I am the creator of Alive Wellness Retreats, The Alive Process (Online Program & Therapists Training), Alive Wholefood Stores and have spent my life inspiring the masses through online programs including Illuminate, The Purpose Project and Human Potential Unlimited.

I work online with clients globally and believe in fast, affordable and empowering transformation. 

I look forward to working with you wherever you are in the world.

Heidi Shannon

  • Diploma Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

  • 500 Hr Advanced Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Certificate Life Coaching

  • Diploma NLP & Hypnotherapy

  • Certified ACT MBSRT Mindfulness Therapist

  • 4 Yr Internship Holistic Counselling, CBT, Psychotherapy

It Is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to treat stress, anxiety and depression naturally starting in the next 7 days using a really powerful & easy kit of remedies that truly work
and it's actually fun!!!

Without panic and overwhelm overpowering you

Without using bandaids

Without having to do boring long therapy sessions fishing into your past

Without having to spend a bomb

Without having to work for months at it

Without relying on will power alone and pretending you are ok

Without feeling left alone to deal with what you feel and no one understands

Without feeling awkward and exhausted every day

Without having to go to resort to meds

Without having to leave your house

Meet my clients who have been where you are...

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 11.52.57 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 11.52.51 am.png

*****Unlike other programs...

We don’t use long boring therapy, it doesn’t take months and it’s 100% confidential - plus we give you full support so you don’t feel alone.

So what do others say about working with Heidi...




natural relief anxiety, natural relief depression



***less than the cost of medication

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