Liberating, educational, empowering. My heart brought me to you and now I trust it again. I am incredibly grateful for our time together. Heidi’s advice was music to my ears. I'm finishing with a new approach to life. Endless tools to get me where I want to be, a practical, educational tool. I will refer to everyone I know.


Melbourne, Australia

This has been more than I ever expected, the whole experience has been mind blowing. I never knew that there was even such love and support out there for us. The ease of suffering can be healed with what I have been taught. The diet has been incredible, the structure & thoughtfulness of your process has been amazing. I won’t lie I have felt hungry many times, but I also know now why I was craving and how to make better choices AND the weight loss has been just another plus!! 

I will never forget my journey through the Alive Process. I am taking away from our time together a wealth of knowledge of how to better myself. I know I have such a better idea to what is happening to me and feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. Now its up to me to take responsibility for my life and the life I want to live. I wont to be easy but with time and love towards myself I can then serve my family and have time for me!

Thank you Heidi for caring about our lives and sharing your knowledge and spreading the love about mental health. I would do this again in a heart beat.


Albury, Australia

Thank you for being so kind and loving.  So fantastic to now have a home plan of action a new way to live your life and enjoy good health. The practical, achievable and informative sessions were brilliant! Delivered with easy knowledge and a relaxing tone. Lots of wonderful information, a great plan for my health and a new focus on retirement and a working part time. Thank you!


Penant Hills Australia

Loved our time together! The program you created for me certainly delivered everything you promise. I feel so much more balanced, happy in mind, body and emotionally.

Nutrition - Wow! So surprised at how much I am liking it, and I never knew a lot of things about nutrition and the effects of imbalance in our gut has on the rest of our body. Will definitely be continuing the plan. Delighted to have lost some weight!

When I wasn’t feeling great you were there to support me.

A great sense of wellness and balance and some good tools in mindfulness practices to keep my thoughts and emotions in check. To stay present in the moment. An acceptance of myself.

Thanks again!


Perth Australia

I call you My ‘Awakening’ - Life changing skills that I have learnt will guide me to my chosen path. My experience has been filled with love, compassion and respect.


Your healthy eating plans are well thought out, highly nutritional yet detoxifying + purifying. Educated advice on health & nutrition. Informative clear, focused sessions on health and nutrition above my expectations.

The love, kindness and emotional support I have received from you will stay with me forever.

I felt you were kind and aware of my emotional, physical and psychological needs at all times. 

Our coaching time has been beyond my expectations!


Gold Coast Australia

I haven't had a panic attack in weeks, meditating every morning and being as mindful as I can. I'm probably the happiest and most relaxed I've ever been!

Our time together is one of the best things I've ever done and so life changing, my whole family are blown away.

I always felt safe, well cared for and comfortable during our time and your words have opened my mind up to so much.

Food: This this was an amazing highlight of my coaching plan! It really has made me aware of future decisions that I will make in regards to what goes in my mouth.

Wow. Thank you.


Melbourne Australia

My Time With You - Fantastic Experience!

As I write I’M VERY EMOTIONAL, THE LAST 12 MONTHS and last month in particular have been horrific. You have played a significant role in saving my life. The road ahead will still be hard but I feel I have re-discovered the true M and am newly armed with a plan to start the next phase of my better life. Forever grateful.


Sydney Australia

I so enjoyed my time with you. I'm especially enjoying the yoga and the food at home. My private time coaching was challenging (in a good way) and eye opening. You were above professional and knowledgable. Learning how to distance myself from my thoughts has been an awakening experience. Thank you for supporting me.


Canberra Australia

Amazing  - thank you for the chance to heal. I will be forever grateful. 


Sydney Australia

I found our time really eye opening but in a good way of course! I always felt supported in facing what I needed to face to be able to move forward and be me again. Feel so good after of week of different food! I'm taking away more than I can describe in words from our time. Thank you.


Jakarta Indonesia

What a wonderful week of coaching! Such a great balance between our therapy time and down time to just be and implement. In just one week I've realised I have been living as 'me' for a very long time. It's nice to be back to my real self. You've definitely taught me that when life gets in the way of me being be to pull back and reconnect!



Overall my time with you was nothing less than amazing! The food has been wonderful and I completely enjoyed every meal (to my surprise). I have cherished your kindness and support. I felt understood and like you just got me straight away. I am starting over with a new outlook on my life and I feel now I have the tools to help me move forward and overcome what seemed insurmountable before. Thank you again!



This was the best decision I have ever made! From the first phone call I knew I was in the right place. Nutrition...This was one of the key learning experience for me and something I had never completely understood.  I understand food on a whole other level!  Our coaching time... Very supportive, caring, warm, professional and FULL of knowledge. Heidi really knows her stuff!! Yoga has also been great and I'm loving it. It is apart of my daily routine now. Thank you for approaching my delicate issues with such empathy, understanding, professionalism and determination to help me overcome them. I feel I have holistic tools to live a happy live. You have given me hope and answers that so many have failed to do in the past. I will never forget this experience. Thank you!!


Perth Australia

I had so many light bulb moments with  you. It was so great to focus on my health holistically and be able to integrate so much into one approach, the information has provided me with the missing link to my health issues. Your coaching was thorough, interesting, engaging, caring, skilled, warm, welcoming and you are not scared or tears! I was so impressed by our time together. i feel connected to my body for the first time in a long while :)



I want to thankyou so much :) :)

I thoroughly enjoyed our time and I feel very privileged to have worked with you.


I had made some good improvements to my health and energy over the past years but had become very frustrated not being able to take my health to the next level. Your advice has

given me much needed hope that i can concur the rest of my journey with the support of your team. I've made more progress in a few weeks with your changes than I have in years. 


I am now looking forward to a life where i have an abundance of energy, where i can live life

to the full!

Thanks again



Hi Heidi!

I just want to say thank you. I came to you feeling lost with my world of business and all the stresses that came with it.

I walked away from my time with you feeling like I had got back the person i had lost. I feel the time together was in some ways a challenge but in that challenge you helped me see the person I am. So grateful, please keeping on doing what you are doing. It has a degree of magic and what you give is amazing. believing in your passion is what life is about.

thank you!


Melbourne Australia

I can't thank you enough for the amazing support, wealth of knowledge and genuine care that I received during our chats. I have learnt so much and am inspired to continue learning and putting this all into practice for the long term and for me!! 

Excited and feeling wonderful! Thankyouthankyouthankyou :) 


Perth Australia

Our time together was:





Utterly Inspiring


Thank you


Brisbane Australia

This was exactly what I needed! Heidi your personable way and knowledge across many levels and ability to interact and understand/reach out to different personalities and match them is outstanding. I absolutely love ACT therapy and your style of coaching. I've learned in a week to be one with my self just as I am. How wonderful is that?



Thankyou to you. Ironic that you called it the 'Alive' Process because for the first time in a very long time I feel alive!!! You have taken me on this journey have literally breathed new life into my soul. Heidi you are personally one of the most profound and intelligent people I have ever met. Your knowledge and passion is powerful and for which I will be eternally grateful. I feel like this is not the end but only the beginning.



Thank you, thank you , thank you!!

I'm so excited to be doing all this as I type I'm cooking my stock and veggies, I've emptied my pantry and replaced it with goodness!

I bought 2 yoga mats today for my daughter and I and we've been listening to nature sounds & connecting rather than watching TV!!

I've found yoga close by and plan to do the summer program and yoga and Aqua at my local gym in the meantime!

Vision boards we are making Friday night and I'm signing in to access the online program in the morning for weeks of more from you, can't wait!

Thank you again gorgeous, clever lady & your team !!! I owe you so much for giving me my strength back to live the life I deserve!