What Really Causes Anxiety?

Updated: Feb 10

(and how we cure it naturally)

In this video I have put the causes of Anxiety and Depression together - why?

Because I've never worked with a client that has depression that wasn't first anxious.

Holistically we are going to look at:

- The Physical Causes (diet, gut health, genes, hormones and more) - The Mental Causes (self talk and mindset, burn out)

- The Emotional Causes (trauma, beliefs, self worth)

- Your Environment & Lifestyle (how you've set life up, who and what is around you)

- Your Purpose & Life Direction (what's missing?)

Quick access:

0.00 What Causes Anxiety & Depression

2.10 How to pinpoint the real cause (and why it's usually missed)

2.30 It doesn't come out of nowhere

3.10 Diet & what goes in your mouth matters

4.00 Gut health and the gut brain connection

5.00 Neurotransmitter imbalances

6.00 Genetics and depression/anxiety

7.00 Living like a robot or human?

8.00 Hormones

8.30 Natural remedies and the diet (where to start)

9.08 The mental causes and your self talk

9.33 Self worth and belief systems

9.52 Transforming the mind and mind tools

10.30 Becoming emotionally resilient

11.00 Dealing with our fears and worries

11.30 Stress and the 4 stages that lead to anxiety, panic and depression

12.44 The mind body connection explained

13.30 Setting life up to reduce stress

14.30 The role of trauma

15.00 Environmental stress

16.00 The lack of rest and relaxation or time for inner calm or peace

17.00 The lack of purpose and meaning

20.00 Emotional wellbeing

21.40 Know your why for healing (know who you are and what you can have)

22.00 Using a complete holistic system to heal fast

24.30 Take the quiz to get answers

24.40 Get your symptoms under control fast (sleep, calm, energy and focus) in 7 days

25.00 Then transform and revamp your life

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