The Judgement Detox (and how to be self kind)

Are you in need of a judgement detox?

Now I'm not saying you are a judgemental person - to others (or maybe you are though and if so read on).

But mostly we are kind to others and super judgemental on our selves...

... with our super high standards

... with the race we are running with a whip out that is invisible to others

... with our 'you are never good enough' stories

... with our picking on our bodies

... with our telling ourselves 'you are out of time'

Whatever your version of self judgement and perfectionism is - its driving unnecessary drama, struggle and pain - and honey that could be replaced with a tonne of EASE that would make you a far better human in so many ways.

And it's turning you into a sergeant of yourself. It's hijacking your happiness.

Here is how you know you need a judgement detox:

1. If you lie down at the end of the day and tally up all the things you did 'wrong' or could've been better

2. You never acknowledge any of the great or good things you did today

3. You never say kind words to yourself

4. Anything less than great or perfect is not good enough

5. You feel guilty if you take time for yourself

6. You are running a race and you are the the start gun, judge, coach, trainer - and not winning

All of this has got to go.

But hey I can hear your mind going through all the unnecessary ways you would have to do this:

.... you won't have to read a million self help books

.... you won't have to do a tonne of therapy to figure out why

.... you won't have to medicate or meditate

All you have to do ...

... is do nothing but laugh.

Every time you judge yourself I want you to:

1. Notice it (catch that sneaky ass judgement/unhelpful thought in it's tracks)

2. Stop and breathe

3. Laugh at it

Know that it isn't you, it isn't helpful and it's hijacking your happiness. Then go back to being your awesome self in the moment - be fun, be loving, be playful. Be you.

Oh and P.S apply to this others when you are casting your judgements or feel the need to be right. See what happens!

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