Calm & Confidence (The Antidote To Stress & Anxiety)

Updated: Feb 10

What is the antidote for anxiety and severe stress?

I've been an anxiety/stress/depression therapist for 15 years.

I've been in your shoes also.

So I have a few things to share that will debunk the myths (or even treatments) that you are using and give you fast acting helpful advice that will save you so much time and energy it isn't funny.

Firstly what does severe stress and anxiety involve?

  • Excessive worry?

  • Intrusive non stop thoughts?

  • Fear of what is out of our control?

  • Rising panic?

  • Inability to relax, rest or sleep?

  • Exhaustion?

And all the physical and emotional responses that come with the above? So what is the opposite to all of that?

Calm? Serenity? Peace? Stillness? Energy?

And what do you want most - CONFIDENCE.

So why then, when you visit a 'professional' for help is anything that can give you those things prescribed?

Put your purse and the pills away seriously for a minute and let's apply logic.

How do we stop excessive worry, rising panic, fear of the unknown - and how do we find stillness, relaxation, rest, sleep well and have our energy back?

You do the opposite of the things you are experiencing.

The more you talk about it - the more anxious you will feel.

The more labels you have to describe the more stressed you will be.

The more bandaids you have that don't work the more hope you lose.

I'm going to give you 2 simple things (out of 8 steps I use to cure it for good) that will work immediately and give you the magic bullet you are looking for:

1. Immediate relief (then you can figure out the drivers, the food, the hormones, the lifestyle changes and relationship issues etc). But unless you get relief you are useless.

2. Calm. Unless you know how to tackle the symptoms head on when you need them most AND prevent them you will never be bothered with any of the other tools that truly cure it for good. I'd like to give you both of these things in abundance - specifically created just for you.

Both are found in the Immediate Relief Kit - a 7 day mini retreat at home to give you calm, relief, CONFIDENCE and bring back your old self.

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