How To Stop (& Cure) Panic Attacks

In this video we are going to discover how to deal with a panic attack on the stop (short term relief) and long term curing of the issue so we can eradicate panic attacks for good.

Holistically we are going to look at:

- The Physical Causes (diet, gut health, genes, hormones and more)
- The Mental Causes (self talk and mindset, burn out)
- The Emotional Causes (trauma, beliefs, self worth)
- What To Do When You Have A Panic Attack
- How To Cure Panic Attacks For Good Naturally

Quick Links:

0.00 Let's Cure Your Panic Attacks & Stop Them Today

0.40 What is the cause of a panic attack and how do we get rid of them

1.30 They don't come out of nowhere

2.05 The 4 stages of stress before panic

2.40 Long term stress

3.00 Understand the drivers of the panic = heal it for good

3.20 Overthinking and overworking

4.00 Adrenalin and how it works

4.30 Know your unique panic triggers

5.00 People please, perfectionist, sensitive and aware

6.35 A wake up call and the sign you need to change your life

7.15 Holistic and intensive treatment

8.00 Being hard on yourself doesn't help

8.25 We don't deal with panic attacks, we treat them

9.30 Short Term Relief - what to do if you are having an anxiety attack

10.05 Catch the thoughts - they are the trigger

10.50 What are you imagining

11.35 Deal with the emotional overwhelm

12.30 What is the fear

13.20 Making room for feelings and using the breath

15.00 Not fearing the panic

15.30 Contact the present and self calm in minutes

18.00 I am safe

18.25 Give yourself time

18.53 Use the audio guide to help you through it

Links mentioned in this video:

The Audio Guide This audio guide walks you through exactly what to do to stop and prevent anxiety attacks:

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