How To Overcome Your Fears

In this video we will unravel fear (and it's close cousins - worry, stress and anxiety) so you can understand your mind, yourself and become unstoppable - having the natural confidence you want.

Holistically we are going to look at:

- What causes fear (and what to do about it)

- The role of fear (and how to not let it control you)

- How facing your fears helps you become confident organically (and will change many areas of your life rapidly)

- How to become unstoppable with an unbreakable relationship with yourself (the good stuff on the other side of facing your fear however big or small)

Maybe you have a fear of communication? Fear of being yourself? Fear of rejection? Fear of confrontation? All. Completely. Normal.

In this video you will learn the art of moving through your fears to become unstoppable - how to deal with your mind, your emotions, anxiety and more when overcoming fears for good.

Quick access to powerful tips:

0.00 How fear works

1.05 What are you really scared of (and how you try to avoid and control it)

1.25 What is the pain you perceive (and what you make that mean that isn't real)

1.35 How fear plays out with confrontation and the need to be accepted

2.20 Fear has a role

3.00 What is the real problem that you are avoiding

4.00 What's the rejection of failure you don't want to deal with

4.50 Fear triggers = opportunity to grow

5.20 Find the pleasure on the other side of fear and hold yourself kindly

5.40 Lose the need to control fear and it will lose its power over you

7.20 Face your fears and gain massive relief and growth

7.55 Making space for the emotional overwhelm

8.20 Hold yourself with compassion and regain control

8.55 What's the solution you are really seeking

9.40 Know what your greatest self would do and take action in the face of fear

10.13 Face and embrace fear and it dissolves

11.00 Your fear or rejection is behind everything

12.00 What to do when you are overwhelmed with fear

12.40 What happens to your life if you don't confront your fears

13.20 You come first. stop accommodating others

13.40 How to close the gap or tread water

14.10 Out your fears and you dissolve them

14.30 Courage leads to confidence

15.20 Becoming fearless

16.30 If you want to set boundaries and own your self worth - do this

The opposite of fear is internal peace and calm - no matter what shows up or when life life's you. To begin your journey to overcome fear - see my help options below.

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