How To Find Peace Within Yourself

(and the 3 things that are blocking your inner calm)

In this video we will discover:

- The 3 things you are doing that I call PEACE BLOCKERS
- How to access your own inner peace and calm easily and fast
- What true inner peace and happiness really looks like and feels like

For 15 years I've worked with those who are anxious, depressed, riddled with panic and worry and suicidal. I've also counselled some of the most successful people in the world on their journey to peace. The process I use comes down to simple teachings that can transform our mind and also our lives from the inside out.

Here are some quicklinks to what's inside this video:

0.00 What does inner peace mean?

00.32 Are you mean to yourself?

0.45 Do you overthink everything?

1.55 Are you living like a robot or a human?

2.17 You are normal - understanding the role of your mind

3.05 Are your thoughts helpful

3.55 The Happiness Trap versus long term peace

4.40 Constant overthinking robs you of peace

5.50 How to deal with your thoughts and calm the mind

6.20 How do we create joy 6.30 Listening to your intuition and self

6.50 The role of your ego

7.20 Accessing your inner self and finding peace

8.19 Find your centre

10.00 Access the present moment

10.40 How to do nothing without guilt

12.33 Creativity and connection comes from stillness

13.00 Rest and digest

13.40 Small moments of peace make great waves of change

14.29 Taking time to do nothing but be with yourself is not negotiable

15.17 It takes no time at all to find a moment of peace

15.43 Control your mind or it will control you

16.23 The conscious versus sub conscious mind

17.10 Start listening to yourself

19.00 Work in peace time

19.50 Active relaxation exercises to access inner calm

22.29 A peace practice is not negotiable - your life depends on it

23.44 Your breath and body are your best friends

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