Curing Anxiety & Depression Naturally

In this video I have put curing Anxiety and Depression together - why?

Because I've never worked with a client that has depression that wasn't first anxious. So we target both.

Holistically we are going to look at in 7 steps:

- The Physical Cures (diet, gut health, genes, hormones and more)

- The Mental Cures (self talk and mindset, burn out)

- The Emotional Cures (trauma, beliefs, self worth)

- Your Environment & Lifestyle Clean Up (how you've set life up, who and what is around you)

- Your Purpose & Life Direction (what's missing?)

Quick Access:

0.00 How We Cure Anxiety & Depression Naturally

1.35 Why traditional methods don't work to cure

2.09 Bandaids versus healing for good

2.35 Using proven natural treatment processes

3.24 My story before I became a therapist

4.37 7 steps to natural treatment (using some or all)

4.50 How we proved this works over 400 retreats and thousands of clients

5.25 Intensive treatment - do it once and do it properly - heal the whole person

6.10 Step 1 - define the cause

7.11 Get immediate physical relief

8.05 Holistic and natural treatment if you want to heal for good

8.30 Don't use guesswork

8.50 Step 2 - Herbs and natural remedies for anxiety and depression

10.00 Don't self medicate

10.15 Herbs versus supplements for mental health

11.00 Long term balancing of the whole system

12.00 Knowing your body

14.00 Step 3 - Change your diet

15.00 Use the gardening method to heal the gut brain connection

16.30 The results speak for themselves

18.30 Build an unbreakable relationship with yourself

19.00 Step 4 - Transform the mind with mind tools and also the emotions

20.30 Step 5 - Tools for inner calm and peace as a practice

23.30 Step 6 - Purpose versus just surviving

24.30 You come first and re creating your life and relationships

25.30 Use a proven system

28.00 Step 7 Don't look back

29.00 Tools not more talk to empower yourself

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