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Dive Into The Profound Teachings For Finding Inner Calm, Rest & Peace  
The Easy Way

…the 30 days of peace LIVE program is for those who want to take a deep dive into calm, rest, relaxation and inner peace practices

calm the mind, de stress your life & create an unbreakable relationship with yourself  ...



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The 30 Day DEEP DIVE INTO PEACE gives you Step By Step Simple Practices & Tools Together LIVE for those who want  to recover their stillness, calm from the inside out, be rid of the emotional roller coaster and be free of stress and build a relationship with themselves that is unbreakable.

Like a Butler For Your Brain, Moods & Inner Wellbeing journey is powerful - guaranteed to give you the magic bullet you need to find inner calm in record time. After 30 days you will be radically calmer, more energised and feeling like your old self again.

100% profound teachings - to help you find calm amongst the chaos.

Imagine in 30 Days The Difference You Will Feel...

The Power In This Program Is - You Learn The True Meaning Of Peace Which Leads You To The Life You Born To Live

As you can see from what my clients say - learning to build an unbreakable relationship with yourself is THE cornerstone to living a life of purpose, ease and joy - no matter what life throws at you.


  • Get the exact inspired teachings that are easy to integrate into a busy life

(I'll explain why they work so you love them as much as I do)

  • Get rid of overthinking, worry, panic and high levels of stress 

(you'll learn to tame the mind so that you are ruling instead of your mind ruling you)

  • Know how to stop, be, get present and find calm in minutes
    (with so much ease you will be shocked)

  • Get back your energy
    (know how to rest, relax and let go so that you wake refreshed everyday)


  • Get you back in control of your emotions
    (instead of feeling like you are on a rollercoaster of ups and downs)


  • De stress when overwhelmed
    (simply use the guides to help you find calm when you need it the most)


  • Give you the clarity to see your own power, genius and purpose
    (and take hold of opportunities that are staring you in the face)


  • Have ongoing inner peace, joy, confidence and meaning
    (that is an organic side effect of the inner tools I teach!)

How are we going to create Calm amongst the Chaos?


Week 1 - The Path To Peace

In week 1 we explore a pathway to peace for living a life of presence, joy, meaning and self confidence.

You will craft a vision for the greatest version of you and let go of what's in the way.

3 Bitesize Classes a week.

Q & A + Support Group


Week 2 - Calm The Body

In week 2 we reconnect to the body we are living in, master that art of breathing into calm and releasing tension.

As you build a stronger calmer body using it as the gateway to peace your mind begins to follow. 

3 Bitesize Classes a week.

Q & A + Support Group


Week 3 - Calm The Mind

In week 3 you will become the master of your own mind and truly master presence.

We explore the profoundly simple art of true mindfulness and breathwork to transform our thoughts and self calm our emotions. 

This week you become the most compassionate person you know.

3 Bitesize Classes a week.

Q & A + Support Group


Week 4 - True Inner Freedom

Week 4 is about using your newfound inner peace as the birthplace for more purpose, creativity and empowerment.

This week we dive into what holds meaning for you and find harmony between doing and being.

3 Bitesize Classes a week.

Q & A + Support Group

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'I've done a lot of yoga in the past and Heidi's classes are like nothing I have ever experienced. It's like hearing all the things you need to hear and being carried into a space you can never get to yourself. 

Amazing week. Thank you!'

Grace - Reset Retreat 2019

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.25.22 pm.png

'Many years ago I arrived at Heidi's retreat broken and exhausted. 
On day 2 I tried to leave.

Heidi stopped me at the door.

She told me then and 10 years later it is true now - "get on that cushion, it will give you everything you are looking for." She was right. 

Her meditation teachings changed my life. Now in my 70's I still meditate everyday. Without her profound way of getting you to where you need to go internally to find what you are really looking for - I would not be here. Years later we occasionally catch up for long chats and philosophise about the nature of the mind. What's also interesting is that after working with her I took my company from 40 employees to 400. So if you think meditation will slow you down - it won't. It just makes life easier. I will be forever grateful.'

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.43.45 pm.png

'Thanks to Heidi and her teachings on inner peace I am now a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Her inspiring work pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and do what I was born to do'

Amy - Retreat, Course & Coaching Client

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.19.30 pm.png

'I first met Heidi at her Alive Retreat. I've done quite a few of her courses since. Her teachings inspired me to shift careers and countries! I loved her teachings on peace so deeply I have since studied to become a yoga and meditation teacher myself. All that I have learned from her has helped me navigate life's biggest challenges and remain strong through some very difficult times. I can highly recommend her as your guide to building the life you want and also the relationship with yourself that you need'

Claudia, Retreat & Online Course Attendee

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.33.57 pm.png

'Heidi is like my Oprah. She screams wellness on all levels and walks her talk. I've done 2 of her retreats and 2 online programs. She is the one person who can support you in every area of your life simultaneously and she doesn't hold back. If you need to fill up, find yourself and have the life you want - she is your girl  '

Dee Parlby - Retreat & Online Course Attendee

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.39.36 pm.png

'Heidi once told me that the way you breathe is a direct reflection of how you do life. She wasn't wrong. I basically couldn't breathe - I was hurried, anxious, worried and busy all the time until I learned via her how to just be, how to be open to life, how to accept and how to be kind. It is because of her that I now have a life of balance and calm and yet have more freedom than I did before. Go figure. She teaches in a way that just makes sense and it filters into every area of your life.'

Emily - Online Course Attendee & Coaching Client

Maybe you've tried some tools & they don't work?

(and why my clients love my inner peace teachings)

Maybe You've Tried...

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.00.58 pm.png

Trying To Meditate or Find Calm

(but you just can't seem to stop the thoughts)

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.01.04 pm.png

Trying A Yoga Class

(but it just felt plain weird or even painful)

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.01.10 pm.png

Wanting To Start

(but life just seems to keep on getting in the way)

Are you are insanely curious as to what life could really be like in just 30 days?

(and also know you want the peace right now but can't do it alone?)


Hi There!


I'm sure you have a few questions about how the next 30 days will work yes? And whether it's right for you?


I've facilitated more than 400 mental and emotional wellbeing retreats and worked for more than 15 000 hours face to face with those wanting to urgently eradicate stress and bring back the peace.... not to mention the years of training into every modality and tool there is for finding inner peace.


After countless years of study, integration, trial and error there is one thing I know - if you don't understand how the tools work - you won't use them and if they don't feel good - you will never use them.


My journey into peace started when I found tools that worked to cure years of chronic anxiety (which I give you inside this program) and then I was able to see with clarity for the first time through calm eyes what needed to be healed and changed in my life - until then all else was impossible.


You don't need more talk or another quick fix or holiday - you need real tools to live a busy life with that just make sense so you can calm, sleep, rest and get back to living the life you want - empowered.

There are a few things I want you to understand right now.

Anyone can do what I teach.

I've worked with those who are truly at the end of their rope mentally. About to give up completely. So I teach in a way that is easily understood, truly inspiring and you need no prior experience.

Tools Not More Talk.

You need easy to access tools and teachings for busy people that actually work - not more talk and more doing. We don't just talk about peace WE DO PEACE IN ACTION. You will be guided step by step for how to put every tool into action and you will feel radically different fast.

A Practice For Inner Peace Changes Many Areas Of Your Life Simultaneously.

You will have so many light bulb moments during this training about how the constant thinking, confusion and chaos was blocking the self confidence, self empowerment, creativity and opportunities that you can now tap into.

It's Step By Step. Right tools in the right order.

When we run before we can walk we miss the basic fundamentals of peace. And are even turned off the tools that truly work. For example you cannot meditation unless first you can focus and relax. There is a reason I teach tools stacked on top of each other so that we can take a busy overwhelmed mind slowly into a space of peace.

The Greatest Gift = You Falling In Love With Yourself and Life All Over Again

As you build a relationship with yourself during this program your self trust, self worth and confidence retreat. Through presence you will find deep meaning and joy in the little things and it's like watching a black and white movie  that all of a sudden turns to colour - everything in your life seems brighter and you can see clearly how to live life on your terms.


I can hear you saying...

'I'm so done with dealing with the non stop thoughts'


'I am so ready to ditch stress this year'


'I definitely need to kick the worry and overwhelm and get my happy self back'


…you know you want change, you know you want the old you back, you know that you deserve more, you know that your life is supposed to hold more meaning and yet you still have some niggling questions:


How do I feel good and like my old self again?


How do I get the calm I really need when I need it?


How will I deal with my stress... and my life... and my relationships?

How do I get my energy back?

Does no one understand????


The thing is - I've been in your shoes which is exactly why I've created this 30 day turnaround kit to get you back on track.... and make 2022 the year you fell in love with life again.


So how can you turn this around in the next  30 days?


Instead of looking in the mirror at your tired face and saying hurtful things to yourself - imagine when you wake up with energy and you are loving everyday... and you genuinely feel strong in your body and also in your mind?


What would that mean for your job, your friends, your family?


What would it mean for you to be back to your real self?


What would it mean if you could feel truly connected to yourself, your confidence was through the roof and you were rocking the new you in a body that you love?


Imagine just for a second… that you actually liked … no wait… loved yourself again and you could easily cope with life no matter what showed up?


In fact… what if you could begin to eradicate stress & overwhelm for good by just following a truly inspiring proven process with  the exact steps and tools?

My Peace Project Journey gets you back on track this week. This inspiring program LIVE is the first giant step you will take towards long lasting change & committing to living a life where you and your inner calm comes first.


You have nothing to lose. 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside....

Heidi Shannon

Hi I'm Heidi Shannon
Let's Create Peace Together!

I am a 42 year old single mum, transformational coach and holistic therapist and one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.

As a global leader in the mental health space helping thousands heal naturally with my empowering unique process and infectious drive, I have helped so many transform their minds, radically improve their health, reconnect with themselves and fall in love with life.

It has been my life's work to passionately inspire you to create a life you love... from the inside out.

I am here with my passion and inspiration to remind you who you truly are and to help you live the life you want  - just like I did. 

I am the creator of Alive Wellness Retreats, The Alive Process (Online Program & Therapists Training), Alive Wholefood Stores and have spent my life inspiring the masses through online programs including Illuminate, The Purpose Project and Human Potential Unlimited.

I work online with clients globally and believe in fast, affordable and empowering transformation. 

I look forward to working with you wherever you are in the world.

Heidi Shannon

heidi beach_edited.jpg
  • Diploma Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

  • 500 Hr Advanced Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Certificate Life Coaching

  • Diploma NLP & Hypnotherapy

  • Certified ACT MBSRT Mindfulness Therapist

  • 4 Yr Internship Holistic Counselling, CBT, Psychotherapy

It Is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to feel truly calm & confident in the next 30 days using really powerful & easy tools that truly work
and it's actually fun!!!

Without having to leave your house

Without feeling like you just don't get it

Without having to twist yourself into a pretzel

Without having to try and meditate on your own

Without having to work for months at it

Without going to an ashram

*****Unlike other teachers...

I make it simple, I make it easy and the teachings are made for real people with busy lives and busy minds who just want to feel good in their own skin everyday and live a life of peace.

So what do others say about working with Heidi...

Heidi is not only a Senior Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher she is a Master Life & Wellness Coach with 15 years experience as a holistic therapist transforming the lives of people just like you.


How It Works

What it's really like inside my group trainings....





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